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What is conceptual design?

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Have you ever tried to tackle a project without a plan? Even if it's not visible at first glance in the final product: A good plan is crucial for the result. This phase of planning is called "Conceptual Design". It takes place even before the execution of the project.
We will show you why good planning is important and how we implement it at i-pointing.

Conceptual design serves this purpose

Conceptual design is the basic framework, or idea, behind any creative work. It forms the cornerstone of a meaningful design and begins in the head. In the form of sketches and notes, this idea is then elaborated.

In the process, our designers:inside ask themselves various questions:
/ "What do I want to express?"
/ "How do I communicate my thoughts and what form do I use?"
/ "Who do I reach with my designs?"

Therefore, the goal at this stage is to find answers to these questions, so that something "to touch" emerges from something abstract. Concept and execution must be in harmony in the final product.

Conceptual design at i-pointing

Conceptual design plays a major role at i-pointing. Based on a briefing with our clients and extensive research, we conceptualize how design elements of the company can be integrated and which idea should be communicated. A structure helps convey complex content in a way that is understandable to the intended audience.

There is not only a concept for the final product, such as a PowerPoint presentation or a Word document, but also for individual elements. These form the big picture like building blocks. For example, illustrations, infographics or animations are designed and the goals of these elements are determined. An elaborate conceptual design is ultimately the key, to convey information vividly and to create a red thread to be maintained.

At i-pointing there are often several designers:inside our slideforce involved in conceptual design to integrate different ideas and perspectives. Once thoughts have been written down, ideas sketched and plans discussed, the conceptual design phase draws to a close and the execution of the concept begins.

Before we start production, we like to discuss our ideas with our customers. Feedback can thus be optimally incorporated into the end product.

Do you need support in visualizing your ideas? We are happy to support you in the form of PowerPoint presentations, documents and more.
Our Offer already starts with the conception and finding of your idea.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Chiara Bruno Copywriter at i-pointing

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