Why do we do what we do? – Our drive

We love to empathize with your world and unleash the true power of your message entirely according to your goals –
For any presentation

How do we do it? – Our promise

What we score with

We identify completely with your agenda and unleash the true power of PowerPoint anew for every presentation. Your agenda is our mission. With our Offer we do everything to make your work and life easier, save time & nerves. And by the way, we still have a great time!

Power We give everything – and if it may be a bit more, gladly also times more
Safety We stand for reliability and precision landings – Even with our name
Loyalty we are loyal to our values and customers – loyalty points so to speak
Empathy We design in your world in your sense – With all senses
Innovation We like to exceed ourselves – And your expectations
Love We care – Unconditionally
What exactly do we do? – Our process

i-pointing – our perks
in a nuthshell


Do you have a topic to communicate? Whether vague idea or concrete content, let us know what your world is about right now, share your thoughts or your file.


You tell us where to go, we listen and ask. You have a hidden agenda? We will find it!


The right specialist is already waiting for you. In coordination with you, a presentation is created that is worth seeing.


Shoulder look and feedback loops: Sometimes needed, but we always have your time in mind – Only as much as necessary.


Your work is ready. And it is more than just a file. You present what the world has not seen yet and what it should know now! Good luck!

This is

More than just a PowerPoint agency – We are the sum of passion for service, attention to detail, dedication to design, addicted to numbers, crazy about good presentations. This is only possible in a team, with good leadership and even better employees. Our philosophy: always give your best – for your customer, your colleagues and yourself! “Love your customer” is the slogan and this is lived - daily, 24/7, around the clock. The important thing is: transparency and surprise with new designs. Because: Presentation design in PowerPoint is very often very underestimated. We bring the relevant topics to the point, present them optimally and help you to make the desired decisions. As a PowerPoint agency, we not only deliver PowerPoint as a service, but also other services, such as time savings or success.

Our winning numbers

It's like winning the lottery when you find us. Yes really, we actually believe that. Why? Because we hit the bull's eye on 99% and only need to touch up on 1%. You want 100%? We understand, our advice: go to the provider who promises 99% and gives 100% passion and not vice versa. 100% your slideforce.

i-nsights into the i-pointing world

Our “behind the scenes”! We are many “points” waiting for you – And while we are waiting we are already working a little bit ahead, or strengthen the team spirit – your SlideForce!

Any point
a bull's eye!

We fulfill all the laws of good design: the law of proximity, similarity, good continuation, unity and common destiny. And the law of SlideForce – Be different, and lovingly.

Head of Sales
Markus Brenner
Project Management
Stephan Rasp
Design Apprentice
Sarah-Chantal Lind
Head of Communications
Nicole Nocilla
Back Office
Martina Mupo
Stefanie Gosch
Valeska Rothenberg
Tristan Claßen
Back Office + Sales
Isabelle Hein
Design Apprentice
Nina Bauermann
Design Student
Lea Molnar
Anna-Lena Reich
Design Student
Roman Reiter
Bianka Kral
Digital Artist & Motion Designer
Manlio Tonini
Art director
Alexander Vorderwisch
Design Student
Catharina Cariss
Social Media Manager
Jessica Mann
Estibaliz Rodriguez Martin
Senior Art Director | Team Lead
Jasmin Brandt
Design Student
Lisa Hortmann
Florian Jung
Design Apprentice
Ali Ekinci
Andreas Papelitzky
Design Apprentice
Alia Pandak
Tristan Ebertshäuser
Senior Designer
Paulina Haeutle
Senior Art Director
Patrick Poloczek
Stefanie Böhm
Aykan Fettahoglu
Trainer | Word Doctor
Oliver Weiße
Senior Designer
Greta Meinke
Senior Designer
Kim Tuyet Vi
Senior Art Director | Team Lead
Sophia Rybing
Senior Designer
Ulrike Herzberg
Melissa Müller
Digital Artist
Carsten Wierspecker
Senior Designer
Jasmine Kari
Senior Designer
Antonia Richter
Senior Designer
Florian Walde
Hannah Bremer
Senior Designer
Josef Hofmeister
Senior Designer
Marina Acevedo Rodriguez
Back Office
Judith Ankly
Marion Koppitz
CCO - Chief Customer Officer
Sylvia Orgus
COO - Chief Operation Officer
Tatjana Kroeger
Design Student
Melian Malliou

How can we
score points with you?

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